Miss Fashionista 2012

As a teenage girl my whole life pretty much revolves around fashion and social media. So I have recently set up my own fashion blog to try and convey my ideas and dreams on the matter. I have spent years using the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and think this is a great advantage to a blogger as you need as much public awareness as possible. 
So when I received the Miss Fashionista 2012 email from my university I thought what better way to really push myself and start myself off in the blogging world than to enter it.
I admire Pussycat London because the brand represents young women and making sure they can offer them quality and fashionable clothing. This is why personally I think I would be a great ambassador for Pussycat London because that is what I want my blogging experience to be about, to make sure I deliver up to date fashion news and opinions to my readers. I also want to make it a unique experience by adding a bit of extra inspiration and my own ideas about collections and outfits.
I think because fashion is such a hobby (I say hobby, I really mean my life) of mine, I never really switch off from it. Whether it is collecting inspiration from magazines, scrolling the internet for catwalk shows or just seeing what the public are wearing, I am always thinking about it. That is the main reason why I think I would be a good ambassador for the brand as I will be focused and dedicated because fashion is something that really inspires me and will always be part of my life. 

 Some of my favourite items from http://www.pussycatlondon.com/, check them out!
Images all by Pussycat London- edited by me

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