Round 2

Back into the swing of uni: hangovers, awkward moments, essays and drama! So I didn't do particularly well in my retake exam, but I have still got onto the next year. I have the chance to retake in November to carry on with my honors degree, so I have to work incredibly hard over the coming months to balance it all! Freshers second time round was a bit of a let down and felt very old with all of the fresh faced and eager freshers walking around! My lectures this week have been really interesting and I am looking forward to getting on with all my work and projects!  So this week overall has been pretty good, my lectures were fun, my Grandma sent me a cake and £20 scoreeee! got another ear piercing (finally) and even went and got myself a job at home and at uni whoop!

Best thing i've ever seen in Manchester
Gawdy Bentley near Selfridges 
Greg James
Starbucks time with twinny discussing drama
New piercing

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