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Thursday, 9 May 2013


OH MY GOOD GOD. I was lucky enough to go to Dollop's Everywhere Festival in Nottingham on Sunday night and I think it might have been the best night of my life (Just have a look at that line up!). I had never been to a Dollop event before, if you haven't heard of them please check it out, their nights are infamous! 

So yes anyway I went down on a hot Sunday afternoon from Manchester to my lovely friend Zoe's to experience my first night out in Nottingham, and it didn't disappoint  We got to one of the 5 venues at around 9 (It had been going on all day!) and didn't leave till 6 on Monday morning, so I think I have just finally recovered from Notts! The highlight of the night was definitely seeing Cyril Hahn doing his version of Say my Name! Anyway now it's back to the less sunny Manchester and lots and lots of revision, boooooooo. 

Taken from Dollop's Instagram- Day party
My own blurry image of Cyril Hahn!



  1. Looks great!! Fancy following each other via GFC??

    1. It was so good! Yes my dear, I'm following :) Thanks for checking my blog out <3


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