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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Introducing H&M Beauty Department || BEAUTY

H&M Beauty Department
H&M Beauty Department

H&M Beauty Department
H&M Beauty Department
H&M Beauty Department
H&M Beauty Department
                           H&M Beauty (Not all items are available online yet)

ARGHH! So you know I was just walking along Oxford High Street when I decided to pop into H&M and what did I stumble across but their new beauty department. Straight away I knew I needed to buy some bits because well I am a sucker for packaging and I love me some beauty products.

I was automatically drawn to the face masks as they are in these little colourful pots. They all tackle different things. I tried out the Manuka Honey mask and I loved the way it warmed up and made my face feel so clean! You can probably use the masks twice as there is a lot more product in the pot than you think. I think these masks are going to be one of my weekly cult skin favourites!

I have also been using the finishing spray which I actually really like - I wouldn't say it made my hair particularly glossy but it does feel a lot smoother and it smells nice which is a bonus! I am so obsessed with the packaging as well! The nail varnishes are my new favs! There are so many different colours to chose from and they go on really well - and by that I mean you don't have to put like 3 layers on to get the full colour coverage. I did think they were a little expensive for a high street brand (£3 - would have thought they would be £1/2ish) but actually for what you get and compared to some cheaper brands in Boots they are good value!

The packaging on all of their make up and skincare products are just so dreamy and rival a lot of high end cosmetic companies. It's like every single product is an Instagram aesthetic photo waiting to happen. I am so impressed with it all! So bravo H&M, you have done well!


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