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Friday, 30 October 2015

OGX Kukui Oil || Review

OGX Kukui Oil Review

OGX Kukui Oil Review

OGX Kukui Oil Review

OGX Kukui Oil Review

OGX Kukui Oil Review

OGX Kukui Oil Review

OGX Kukui Shampoo & Conditioner

I have been wanting to try the shampoos and conditioners from the OGX brand for a while. ( I have previously used the coconut serum - see post here). So while browsing in Boots they had a third off the brand - so I picked up some products from the Kukui range (after Zoella's recommendation). The Kukui range is meant to tackle frizzy hair and is made from nut oil to give it a shimmering gloss.

My first impression of the shampoo when I started lathering up, was my hair didn't feel as silky as it normally does when using other shampoos. I do normally find this when using an anti frizz type of shampoo though. However it did feel squeaky clean! Then on to the conditioner - it is quite a thick consistency which is good for my thick hair! I left it on my hair for about five minutes for it to soak in properly. After using both of the products and a quick towel dry, I felt my hair was smooth and felt so clean!

As someone with naturally curly hair I found when letting my hair naturally dry (after brushing it through and using some leave in conditioner) my curls weren't as tight. Which is a big advantage as I tend to straighten my hair daily - so anything to make that chore quicker is a winner with me!

I felt like my hair was a lot softer and I had a bit more control over the frizz. Plus there is more in the bottle than you think, so it is pretty good value too!

Have you tried anything from the OGX range at all? 

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