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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How To Get Whiter Teeth With The Oil Pulling Method || Minty Coco UK Review

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coco white, coco white review, coco white blogger review, coco white after, teeth whitening uk, teeth whitening review
coco white, coco white review, coco white blogger review, coco white after, teeth whitening uk, teeth whitening review

Now I'm no stranger to teeth whitening products (see previous post), however this oil pulling trend is a whole new game to me. I was super excited to get these Minty Coco babies through my door as I was quite intrigued by this oil pulling method (truth be told I hadn't heard good things from my friends). 

The packaging is super cute (& letterbox size which I think is always a winner in my eyes - nobody got time for those LONG post office trips). Plus the pull bit on the packaging makes it super easy with no mess or fuss when opening. I have to admit I was a little put off when I read the coconut oil bit in the ingredients (COCO White - duhhh Jade!!). I just really don't like the taste of coconut and thought the worst but it turns out it tastes more minty than anything. 

I got 14 sachets, so one a day for 2 weeks to whiter & fresher teeth. The good thing with the oil pulling method is its a natural process rather that putting all sorts of chemicals in your mouth. It also works with making your breath fresher and teeth healthier! The concept of the whole method was all very strange and new for me. And my top tip when using these little pouches is to warm it up as much as possible. Rub it in between your hands for a good minute or so. I was caught off guard and didn't warm it up enough a good few times and the gloopy texture in your mouth is not a fab feeling (insert a not very nice thing in your mouth joke here). 

So you begin with warming up your little daily packet - either by rubbing it in your hands or I did even run it under hot water. You rip it open and squeeze it all in your mouth. You just keep swirling it around for about 10-20 minutes. I tended to actually do it for about 20-30 minutes as I would get distracted and forget I had it in my mouth (until someone rang or tried to talk to me). I have to say when you first do it, it is a VERY strange feeling - and maybe even something you will never get used too! I do feel when you are squeezing it all in your mouth it feels like you haven't gone every bit of the oil out, which is a bit annoying. 

The main thing with this process is you have to be careful when spitting out your oil. You can't just spit it down the sink as it will build up, solidify and clog up your sink. This is probably the most annoying thing about the process as you sort of forget each time and go to spit it down the sink and then realise! I tended to use a plastic cup and then poured it in the garden (sorry mum). 

I actually in a weird way enjoyed using these little oil packets. Once it was in a my mouth for a few minutes I sort of forgot it was in there. I could just get on with my evening (normally blogging, stalking or packaging orders) like normal. Even after about 4 days I noticed a difference in the shade of my teeth, they were certainly a lot brighter and my mouth just felt fresher. However there was a couple of days I missed out (so did it for 7 straight days, 2 days off & then back on) and I felt when I stopped using it for those couple of days my teeth weren't as bright again. 

That's the thing with doing one of these daily beauty products, it's pretty hard to do it everyday because well you know life gets involved (and you don't want to be swirling stuff in your mouth for half an hour at pre drinks). Obviously you can switch it up and do it in the morning instead of the evening if you find that fits in with your routine more. I just feel like with these products I always put pressure on myself to do it everyday straight away and then once I get out of the routine I get so lazy to get back to the routine again.

I do really enjoy the way Minty Coco made my mouth feel healthier and fresher and would actually use them again! Have any of you tried these sachets? Or do you recommend any amazing teeth whitening hacks?  



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